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rFactor 2 - Ayrton Senna's Cars (Free and Beta Early Access)

Beta Cars are available only for donors they'll get early access, v1.0 are free.
Get early access to the beta and follow the development!
Read before donating and get early access!
Credentials will not be sent by e-mail to get access, but are automatically obtained after completing the donation
procedure. Never close the browser during the donation. Please, finish the procedure and click the yellow button "back to ASR Formula Site" to see username and password. If you have any doubts, read "How to Donate".
Please do not lose the obtained password, they are critical for download later releases update.
Those who lose their passwords will be forced to donate again.
For any other problem do not open PayPal protest but contact the form to solve any problem. 


Williams FW16 - 1994

May 1, 2016 - v0.6 BETA

"Read before donating and get early access!"