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ASR Formula new web site coming soon

Important message, pay attention!
We are almost ready to launch our new website.
We will abandon any current system, no more passwords written on pdf and therefore no access to files through passwords for beta versions. No more sellfy platform.
Users have to to register on our site, the files of our mods will be managed totally in our platform.
In your user profile you will check all te subscribed products and you can always download updated versions from there.
Assetto Corsa mod installations will be carried out through an executable which will be provided with a serial installation code.
If the serial code is unfairly distributed and then subject to a check by us, that serial code will be added to the blacklist.
We will then be able to reach the user and block it permanently. The user who will have spammed will no longer have the right to access their mods.
It does not matter if he did not spammed directly. Reason why we ask our users not to disclose their codes online and to take care of them.
Obviously going from the old to the new system, there will be problems when we will update content that is not Free.
In this case it will be sufficient to register. Then contact us to request the addition of the previously subscribed products. After our checks and checks, we will add to your user profile what is rightfully yours.
Do not be alarmed if you will not immediately be able to access the subscribed contents previously, it is an inevitable temporary transition, just contact us and everything will be solved.
The new website will be online soon, just the time to finish our last tests.
Thanks for the attention.


AC - Ferrari F92A-T 1992 V0.1 Beta

InGame-Importing Process: mati.sala90
Animation: mati.sala90
3D model: rf900r
Physics: The Engineer
Sounds: simontek27
Skins and Texture: alesanchez
Helmet skins: alesanchez
Suit and Gloves: alesanchez
3D tire and rims: alesi_fan
3D Helmet: Oggo

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2018 ASR Formula | Privacy and Cookies Policy